Battery Maximizer Kit – Regular User (3-4 Days/Week Use)


Keeps your battery fully charged and ready when your are. Your equipment will work better and longer!

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Maximize your battery’s charge for peak performance and extended battery life with the regular user (3-4 Days/Week Use) battery maximizer kit. Our kit includes a RoadCharger 20 Amp DC Charger, 8 Amp AC Panel Mount Charger and 7-Watt Solar Charger/Maintainer to keep your trailer circuit batteries charged for occasional use. Each battery maximizer kit is assembled to fit your demand from your equipment!

Kit Includes:

RoadCharger – Powerful 20 AMP DC Charger – charges as you drive

8 Amp AC Panel Mount Charger – includes built-in battery tester

7 Watt Solar Pulse Panel – virtually indestructible design