Battery Maximizer Kit – Industrial / Heavy User (6-7 Days/Week Use)


Enjoy your increased productivity by charging your batteries everyday, keeping them charged and extending the hours of use.

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Maximize your battery’s charge for peak performance and extended battery life with the Heavy/Industrial User (6-7 Days/Week Use) Battery Maximizer Kit. Our kit includes a powerful 20 Amp DC Charger, 18 Amp AC Panel Mount Charger, and 12-Watt Solar Pulse Charger/Maintainer to keep your trailer circuit batteries charged for frequent use. Each Battery Maximizer Kit is assembled to fit your demand from your equipment. Your batteries can be charged in any situation, sunshine, AC cord or just driving down the road!

Kit Includes:

RoadCharger – Powerful 20 AMP DC Charger – charges as you drive

12-Watt Solar Pulse Panel – virtually indestructible design

18 Amp AC Panel Mount Charger – includes built-in battery tester