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Preventing Battery Sulfation

It only makes sense that if over 80% of batteries fail due to sulfation it becomes imperative it be addressed. Pulse Tech has done just that. Pulse Tech developed a specific patented pulsation that they add to A/C chargers and solar chargers that breaks down the accumulation of the sulfur crystals on the lead plates within the battery.

This cleaning of these lead plates increases the lead plate’s ability to accept and discharge energy – more energy. Keeping sulfation from forming will increase the life of a battery up to 3-5 times longer.

Cut your battery purchase costs in half or more. What do you spend annually on new battery purchases? Cut your budget by 50% or more.

Save on service calls to jump or replace dead batteries. How often do you have these calls? What does this cost you annually? These calls can be reduced drastically. Another significant savings to your bottom line.

A healthy battery means that the other components within the electrical system gets the proper voltage and amperage they require to operate efficiently. Improper voltage to these other components increase temperatures, operate more slowly, and can overwork charging components, leading to early replacement and an unscheduled servicing. A healthy battery is KEY, and a healthy battery will save replacement cost of these other components.