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New 7-Way RoadCharger

NEW 7-Way RoadCharger for Trailers

Keep your trailer batteries optimally charged with the RoadCharger. Now available with a 7-way trailer charger connection. The 7-way RoadCharger is perfect for any haul.

With the RoadCharger dead or drained battery problems are no longer an issue. Instead of using conventional overnight charging products keep  your batteries healthy and charge while you’re on the road!

5 Common Trailer Battery Issues

• Your battery is too drained to empty a trailer load at the end of your cycle.
• The battery drains after only a few uses/dumps, decreasing productivity and costing you time.
• After a hard days work you may have forgotten to recharge your battery overnight for the next day’s use.
• Always purchasing a backup battery for regular us, costing you more each time your trailer batteries are dead.
• Your battery becomes drained between extended uses and must charge or swapped before using.

If these issues sound familiar, the RoadCharger is the best solution you can buy!

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