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Tired of going out to use equipment and the battery is dead? Replacing the batteries, using the equipment, and then it sits dormant over a couple weeks. You go out to use it again and surprise the battery is dead!

The added cost of battery replacements, a service call, equipment down time, and delayed projects are all likely caused by parasitic draw.

Solution: Identify this mysterious parasitic draw. Once it is identified and measured there are a number of products designed to overcome this.

Pulse Tech solar products are one way to overcome parasitic draw. These solar panels are the toughest in the industry. Specifically designed for the US military they are tough enough to survive combat situations. Solar panels collect the suns energy and use it to charge the battery. Pulse tech not only makes the toughest and most efficient solar panel, but they also add their patented de-sulfation pulse with the charge. Identifying the parasitic draw and determining the proper solar panel from PulseTech can solve this issue and show significant savings to your budget and bottom line.


1) Eliminate equipment down time and the cost of labor waiting on the equipment.
2) Projects are not delayed and stay on schedule.
3) Reduction in cost of replacement batteries.
4) Reduction in cost of service call to replace or jump start the battery.