The City of Carrollton’s fleet operations managed by G4S Integrated Fleet Services with Brad Hunter as the Project Manager, has been installing both the Power Pulse and 6 Watt ERV Solar Panels on selected vehicles in the City’s fleet. 

The 12 volt Power Pulse, using the battery’s own energy to actively clean sulfate deposits from battery plates by means of a resonance wave pulse is being installed on all fire apparatus and ambulances. 

The 6 watt ERV Solar Panel that charges as well as pulses the battery is being installed on selected police vehicles and utility trailers. 

Healthy Battery would like to thank the City of Carrollton for being proactive in using our products to reduce budget costs, extend battery life and reduce the amount of batteries going to the recycling plant.

This article posted on our website courtesy of Brad Hunter, pictured below with 2 of the new fire engines which arrived in early September from Ferrara Fire Apparatus.